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Find Similar Files – Fast Duplicate File Finder Professional

Free Duplicate File Finder

Find Similar Files

MindGems Inc. has released a Professional version of the famous Free Fast Duplicate File Finder. The new version can find similar files regardless of their file types, beside finding 100% duplicate files. Such feature is very handy for finding multiple versions of the same word or excel document, for finding similar text documents, archives or any other type of file.

You can scan local files, removable media such as USB drives, flash cards, optical discs, external drives, and network drives with Fast Duplicate File Finder.

There are a lot of useful feature like the option to automatically mark the older of the two duplicate files as the one that will be deleted or moved. Shortcut to immediately jump to the actual folder where a duplicate you’d like to examine is residing is also available. The protection of system and program files will grantee the you will not end up with a blue screen by accidentally deleting a system file.

The in-program preview lets you easily check the duplicate image, video, music, text and binary files. The duplicate files can be dumped into the recycle bin, deleted permanently, or moved to a folder preserving their folder structure until you’re certain you want them permanently deleted.

Fast Duplicate File Finder has a very low resource requirements and will work smooth even on a Windows 98 system with a Pentium-233 MHz processor. In addition to that it supports: Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/ME/2000/2003/98

If you are looking for a free way to easily find duplicate files on your computer or network, Fast Duplicate File Finder is definitely the right application for you.

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Find Similar Files
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Find Similar Files

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder -Search For Images By Content


Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder-Search For Images By Content

Find And Delete Duplicate Pictures and Photographs

Find And Delete Duplicate Pictures and Photographs

In our digital era shooting and editing digital photos is part of our daily life. Unfortunately we rarely keep a well organized database. We copy images to temporary locations in different formats that we needed at certain points of our work and forget to delete them. Searching for a photograph by its content was an impossible task for a computer so soon we are going out of storage. In such situations what comes extremely handy is a product developed by MindGems Inc.

I am going to introduce you here – Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Though a bit long, the name of the product describes it perfectly well. The product will find similar images regardless of the file name, format, image size and bit depth. Image processing is a heavy task and the performance achieved by this application is incredible. It manages to scan thousands of images in few minutes. I got also some information from the company about a new feature that will be available in the upcoming version. A photo search option. It will let you search for images by a sample. You will no longer have to search for your wedding photos. Do you remember that photo you mailed to John? Just load it in Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder and it will find the rest of the images for you. A very nice feature that will let you find the rest of the images from the set by loading a single sample.

Many professionals and also advanced photographers take images in RAW format. The quality of the RAW images is much better compared to JPEG, but the drawback is the size and the fact that very small amount of products supports it. The good news here is that Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder will provide also a RAW support soon for all the popular camera brands available on the market.

I must admit also the vast variety of image formats that it supports. Here is a complete list:

  • JPEG Bitmap (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe)
  • Compuserve Bitmap (*.gif)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • TIFF Bitmap (*.tif;*.tiff;*.fax;*.g3n;*.g3f)
  • JPEG2000 Files (*.jp2)
  • JPEG2000 Code Stream (*.j2k;*.jpc;*.j2c)
  • Targa (*.tga;*.targa;*.vda;*.icb;*.vst;*.pix)
  • Paintbrush (*.pcx)
  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib;*.rle)
  • Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.emf)
  • Windows Icon (*.ico)
  • Windows Cursor (*.cur)
  • Wireless Bitmap (*.wbmp)
  • Portable Pixmap (*.pxm;*.ppm)
  • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)

You can download a fully functional demo at the company web site – Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder.

Also do not miss to check out the detailed Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder tutorial page